Class Media Project Examples

Fall 2013

One of the great things about this class is how it incorporates all areas of science and artistic expression.  This past fall, I had the students work in teams to develop a media project that addressed a simple question:

How do we increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables in the U.S.?

The students were able to pick a group – children, teenagers (tweens), and adults.  I asked for unique projects and I received them!

Here are the projects that I got permission to post:

  • The Dustbowlers – Sad Veggies – Adopt a Farmer
    A. Timoni, W. Kacheris, and T. Chamberlain
  • Eat Your Fruit and Veggies Comic Strip
    M. Daliberti, M. Gonzalez, and C. Wiegand
  • Getting Kids to Eat Fruit – Fruit sushi
    A. Sokol, S. Allison, D. Huff, J. Hoblick, Jr.
  • Fun, Easy Fruit and Veggie Snacks for Young Kids – Recipes
    B. Sadler, P. Ford, M. Bernstein, and R. Benedict
  • Backyard Agriculture – Organic Pioneers Group Project
    R. Rabinowitz, Z. Riojas, B. Buell, and X. Yurui
  • Eat the Rainbow – a Stop Motion Video
    D. Bayo, J. Allar, and J. Roby

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